In our last study I offered four synonyms for worship: Veneration, Adoration, Reverence and Love. These are key words that have helped to guide my “worship leading” for many years by helping me choose appropriate […]

Attitude of Worship

Jeff Slaughter, director and founder of Belgium European Worship Institute, invited me to speak for this annual event. During this conference I witnessed a powerful purifying of the “Arts”, a redemptive and empowering time of […]


Viktor Isajev has produced a worship conference in Latvia, annually, for ten years. God has given him remarkable influence and favor with church leaders and worship teams across the Baltic States, Ukraine, the former Soviet […]

Riga, Latvia

Herman and Betsy Bouwhuizen have been working consistently and productively over the past ten years to extend God’s kingdom in the lives of many young people in the Netherlands, and throughout Europe. I had the […]

Delft, Holland

Home Gathering: Beginning in September 2008, Pam and I will be hosting a monthly meeting in our home. This meeting’s only “agenda” is to offer fellowship and worship. If you’re available, we’d be glad to […]

Home Gathering

My wife, Pam has traveled with me for the larger part of the summer. It has been a delight to travel with her and to benefit from her teachings and music. Here are just a […]

What a Summer!